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Holistic Solutions

Your Team of Professionals look at your entire financial picture to develop holistic solutions that go beyond investment management

Exceptional planning accounts for every possible aspect of your financial future. Creating a well-defined tax-smart financial plan is the key determinant to achieving your financial goals.

You and Your Financial Advisor work together to systematically address these 10 key wealthcare issues.

Retirement Planning

Develop realistic retirement goals

Create a Goals-Based Financial Plan

Income Projection Analysis

Review "What if" Scenarios for Retirement

Distribution and IRA Rollover Planning

Social Security Strategies

Medicare Planning

Investment Management

Integrated Asset Allocation and Portfolio Design

Customized Low Cost & Tax - Efficient Investment Strategies

Diversification Strategies

Tax - Loss Harvesting

Investment Planning based on your unique risk profile

Alternative Investments

Tax Planning

Income Tax and Estate Tax Planning

Tax - Optimized Investing

Tax Diversification (taxable, pre-tax, Roth, after-tax)

Roth Conversion Analysis

Charitable Planning

Trust Services

Tax filing Status

Stock Liquidation Analysis

NUA Planning (Net Unrealized Appreciation)

Annual Tax Planning and Reduction Strategies

Annual Tax Preparation or Return Review

Partnership with a CPA/Accountant

Family Risk Management (Insurance Planning and Asset Preservation)

Long-Term Care Insurance

Disability Protection

Life Insurance Analysis and Design

Income Replacement

Creditor Protection

Cashflow and Debt Management

Creditor Protection

Efficient Credit Management

Budgeting and Cashflow Analysis

Liability Analysis (what you owe)

Real Estate Purchase

Lines of Credit - HELOC

Mortgage Needs

Planning for Parent's Cost of Care/Eldercare

Helping Children Budget and Mortgage needs

Legacy and Estate Planning

Wealth Transfer and Tax Reduction

Charitable Gifting

Trust Services

Asset Ownership and Titling

Succession Planning

Family Gifting Strategies

Longevity Planning

Estate Documents Review

Partnership with Estate Planning Attorney

Business Planning

Business Succession Planning

Buy - Sell Agreements

Qualified Plan Design and Compliance

Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

Key Employee Retention

Education Planning

Coverdell Education Saving Accounts

529 College Savings Plans

UGMA/UTMA accounts

Trust Services

Student Loan Needs and Analysis

Special Situations


Incapacitation and Control of Assets

Special Needs Beneficiaries

Financial Planning for recent widows

Ongoing Service and Review

Annual Review or as needed

Update Financial Plan for recent family and lifestyle changes

Periodic Service calls

Invitations to client events and educational seminars

and as always, we are a phone call away

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